Earlier this week I realized that I had to buy something at the hardware store that would enable me to run a wired high-speed internet connection at my house. Little did I know this particular thing that I was looking for would be so difficult to locate without ordering it online.

I called every hardware store that I could think of in town and not one store carried what I was looking for. So then I decided to drive up to one of the stores to have a look around myself to see if I could find an alternative to what I was looking for to see if I could make it work.

But something interesting happened when I left that store. As I was pulling out of that store and driving away, directly across the street was another hardware store that I have never noticed before.

Almost every day I drive by this hardware store on the way to the gym. How I never, ever noticed this hardware store, even though I drove past it practically every day may seem strange, but it's not.

You see, we tend to notice what is relevant to us. We tend to pay attention to what we think about most. We tend to be attracted to what's fresh in our minds. So even though I drove past that hardware store almost every single day, it would have never grabbed my attention because my mind wasn't giving it a reason to stick out to me. But of course, the reason why I noticed that store that day was because it was relevant to me. It was fresh in my mind.

I am sure you experienced this kind of thing, right? So why is this important? It's important to realize that what we think about most is typically what we are attracted to because our thoughts, many times, dictate the situations and people that we are drawn towards in our everyday lives.

The average person spends so much time inside of their heads. And to make matters worse, a lot of this time is spent dwelling on bad things that happened in the past or fearing what could happen in the future. So what do you think these kinds of thoughts are influencing our eyes to pay attention to? That's right, things of similar energy.

“You’re not creating if your not first enveloped with passion for your work”

Changing our thought patterns to think more positive thoughts means that we are also training our eyes and ears to pay more attention to positive situations that surround us. There is a vast array of positive people, positive situations and positive opportunities that surround us, however, if we are not trained to notice them, they will slip by under our radar.

The thoughts we hold in our minds are that powerful. The thoughts we hold in our minds regularly can not only affect our moods, but they can also dictate exactly what we pay attention to and what we pay attention to is usually the opportunities that we act upon.

When we learn how to change our thought patterns to think better thoughts, life can become so different. We'll start to see opportunities that we never knew existed. But the key here is to act upon those newly discovered opportunities. Acting upon these newly found opportunities will bring us one step closer to achieving what we are set out to achieve.

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