Have you ever planned a camping trip only to wake up on a rainy day? All that excitement that you had the day before flys out the window as you don't want to face setting up your tent in rainy conditions.

Well, it's important to step back and understand that we would be in a much worse state without the rain than what we experience when in the midst of rain. Even though it's certainly not encouraging to wake up to a rainy day, we must realize that rain plays a pivotal role in our daily lives.

In fact, rain is a major factor in our water cycle and is responsible for the depositing of most of the freshwater on our beautiful earth. Without rain, the greenery will vanish. Without rain, our water content decreases day by day. Without rain, we ultimately wouldn't survive.

So, what am I getting at here as I am obviously not an expert in anything related to rain? My point is that even though rain can be inconvenient, it's an incredibly important part of life and survival. The same holds true for the inconvenience we experience when we go through unexpected or even expected struggles in our lives.

Even though these struggles are difficult to go through at the time, struggle is a necessary part of life. Struggles help us grow and develop into who we are meant to become. Facing struggles helps us build a thicker skin that can enable us to face future expected and unexpected struggles that much more efficiently. Struggles help us come to appreciate the little things and sometimes give us the wake-up call we need at the time.

Struggles also help us build commitment, dedication, patience, and resilience. After facing a struggle and putting it behind us, we typically look at life differently. It's as if we look at the universe with a new set of lenses. We realize that everyone is facing struggles that we typically know absolutely nothing about.

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After we face difficulty we tend to be kinder to those who are not so kind to everyone else because we know that chances are they are projecting the struggle they are experiencing.

Overcoming difficult times also tends to give us the hope that we too can overcome a current difficult moment we are going through. We tend to look back at times in our past that we overcame and say to ourselves that if we can overcome what we overcame in our past that we can certainly get through this one as well.

Struggle also makes us come to appreciate the things in our lives that we neglected to appreciate before. It forces us to pay attention to what truly matters in life. Struggle makes us come to appreciate the small things and cherish the things we should have been cherishing from day one.

Keep in mind that even though struggles are difficult to go through in life, they are a part of life. They create the person who we are meant to become. We create characteristics that we would have never been able to create without going through the difficult times.

Struggles, just like rain, have their place in all of our lives.

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