About five winters ago, I was pulling out of a driveway in my car. I hadn't noticed at the time, but there was some snow on my back window. As I pulled out onto the road, I noticed someone walk up towards my car and brush the snow off of the window. I didn't know who this person was and probably never will. However, this subtle, kind gesture stuck with me to this very day.

Many times, the simplest act of kindness goes such an incredibly long way. You never know what people are going through when you offer a helping hand. When you open a door for someone, compliment their shoes, or wish them a great day, this could genuinely turn their day around.

A photo that speaks for itself.

We know very little as to what people are going through. Just because someone carries pain well doesn't mean they are not suffering inside. They could be spending an enormous amount of time suffering inside with a problem that the world knows absolutely nothing about. They may feel alone and think that no one cares.

I want to give you an analogy of how significant a simple act of kindness can be. Let's say you're playing baseball outside on an abnormally hot day. You're sweating and feel exhausted and just want the game to come to an end so you can go inside in the air conditioning.

However, the game is tied and goes into extra innings. The sun is blazing down on you, yet you're required to continue playing, even in such dire conditions. To make matters worse, you ran out of your sports drink during the second inning of the game. You have absolutely nothing to drink for hours and are still required to finish the game.

After several extra innings, out in the blazing heat, the game finally ends. You walk to a nearby store and buy an ice-cold sports drink and devour it. Having that handy during the game when you desperately needed it would have made all the difference in the world.

Just like the sports drink made such a profound difference in that person's life for that day, a simple gesture of kindness can go such a long way, not only for those suffering but for anyone.

When someone presents someone with a simple act of kindness, the person receiving the kindness, many times holds on to that memory. Just like the sports drink is exactly what the baseball player needed at that exact time, a simple act of kindness may be exactly what someone needs to turn their day around. It could motivate them in ways that we could never imagine.

Never underestimate the power of kindness. Just like the kindness of the person brushing off the snow on my window stuck with me years later, your random act of kindness may have the potential to turn someone's day, week or even month around.

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