Have you ever entered an argument with the main objective to only be right? The ego present in all of us wants that 'win'. Every single time you win an argument the ego grows. It wants to win more arguments. It wants to prove to the person who you're arguing with that you're right and they are wrong.

We are living in a world right now with many polarizing beliefs. It's very easy for a conversation to quickly turn into a full fletch argument and before you know it, tempers are flaring and awkward silence can fill the day.

Sometimes arguments are worth having as there are many times in which they are purposeful. However, many times they are not and only exist to satisfy the ego.

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Before entering an argument, a simple question that you ask yourself in your mind could change the course of how you proceed and determine if you avoid the argument or allow the ego to take over and enter the argument full force.

Let's say a topic is brought up by people in a room. You are vehemently opposed to their stance on the issue. They then ask for your opinion on the topic. What do you do?

Before you decide to enter the argument, ask yourself this simple question:

Is trying to prove myself right in this argument worth my peace of mind?

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This is not a rhetorical question. Sit with the answer for a few seconds or a few minutes. Ask yourself who wins if you prove that you are right and they are wrong. Is there a moral purpose to you proving yourself right or does it just inflate the ego?

Sometimes an argument is worth having if the argument occurs for the right reason. But when you enter an argument just to prove yourself right, you may want to step back and refrain from entering the ring with your opponent.

Get used to asking yourself that vital question:

Is trying to prove myself right in this argument worth my peace of mind?

Sometimes proving yourself is worth it but I believe that most times you'll realize that it's not. Does it mean you're weak when you prefer not to enter needless arguments? It means the complete opposite. It means that you value your peace of mind more than your eagerness to simply be right.

It's a very liberating feeling when you can be around practically anyone and know that your peace of mind will not be rattled because they hold different beliefs or values than you. You'll avoid so many headaches associated with needless arguments. You'll start to understand that peace of mind is much greater than you ever imagined.

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You'll eventually get so good at allowing the differing opinions of others to bypass you that this newfound peace of mind will become your norm. You'll start to become known as a non-confrontational kind of person. Remember, don't confuse this with weakness. It's not. A testament of true strength is the ability to choose peace over confrontation.

When we calm our minds, amazing things happen. We feel lighter. We see the world through a different set of lenses. We typically become attracted to positive people and situations.

Ultimately, we come to understand that so much of what we are attracted to in life is determined by the predominant thoughts we hold inside of our minds.

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