One question I am regularly asked in my live presentations is, "Why does it seem as though I continue to attract the same kind of people and situations into my life over and over again?".

Well, to be honest, there may be many different reasons. However, today I want to talk about one very significant reason which could be a major, determining factor. Before getting into what I want to talk about, I want to ask you a question. The question is this: "What happens when you buy a new car"?

If you've ever purchased a new car (or used car), chances are that you started to see those cars all over the place. You started to see them on the highway, parking lots, and people's driveways. It's as if, all of a sudden, everyone started buying the same car you just purchased.

Driving a new Honda

So, what's going on here? You see, when you buy a new car, that car is, 'front and center' in your mind. In other words, you are constantly thinking about that car. When you are constantly thinking about something, your brain tells your eyes to focus on and pay attention to things and situations of similar energy. It's not that those situations that you are now seeing magically just started to take place. They were always taking place, you just didn't pay any attention to them.

Here are some other examples of how your brain forces your eyes and ears to pay attention to things of similar energy:

  1. If you just purchased a new pair of shoes, you go to the gym and you start to notice other people wearing the same kind of shoes. The reality is, they were probably wearing those shoes for months, you just didn't notice it until you purchased yours.
  2. Your friend told you that a new restaurant just opened in town. Then, your out for a drive and notice a billboard advertising the new restaurant. Chances are that if your friend didn't tell you about the new restaurant, that billboard would have blended in with all the other billboards on your drive and wouldn't have stood out to you at all.
  3. If you read about a particular product in a magazine and then you saw a TV commercial talking about that product, chances are that you would pay attention a little more to it as it's fresh in your mind.

What we think about most, is what we tend to be attracted to most. What is front and center in our minds is what we tend to pay attention to in reality. That's why something called, visualization is so incredibly important in attracting the kind of life that we want to attract.

The thinker

Visualization is the process of visualizing exactly what you want to happen in your life in as much detail as you can. When you visualize, visualize what you want happening as if it already happened. Become very clear with your thoughts about it. Feel the feeling of already achieving what you are trying to attract.

The goal here is to picture it happening in your mind and feel the feeling inside of your body as if it already has taken place. When you do this correctly, your brain will force your eyes to start to notice opportunities that surround you that if acted upon can bring you one step closer to achieving what you visualized.

Opportunities are surrounding you right now. However, if your brain is not influencing your eyes to notice those opportunities, those opportunities may as well not be there at all. Remember, we can only act upon opportunities that we know exist.

Our thoughts play such a vital role in not only how we feel, but also what we are attracted to in life. The average person thinks thousands of thoughts every single day. Many of these thoughts are either dwelling on bad things that happened in the past or fearing what could happen in the future. After constantly thinking about these kinds of negative thoughts, what do you think the brain is telling the eyes and ears to pay attention to? That's right, things which match the energy of what they are thinking. In this case, more negative things.

Negative people tend to notice, pay attention to and be attracted to negative situations and negative people in life. Positive people tend to pay attention to and be attracted to positive people and positive situations in life. People who like sports tend to gravitate towards others who like sports. People who are deeply involved in politics tend to gravitate towards others who are deeply involved in politics.

We can only act upon opportunities that we are aware of. Many times what determines if we are aware of these opportunities are the thoughts we hold in our minds on a regular basis.

Monitoring our thoughts is not easy. It takes time and it takes effort. However, shifting our thoughts to think about what we want to attract as opposed to what we don't can lay the foundation of becoming aware of the opportunities that always surrounded us but were never noticed.

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